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The Brooklyn Food Works started in 2015. It was built and created by three chefs who wanted to give other people a chance to explore more about cooking. The main goal is to give them a chance to learn how to properly cook, and enhance their skills in this field as well. These three chefs all know how much of a struggle it is to want to cook but cannot because of the limited skills and knowledge that they have. As such, this is what they want to address. They want to be instruments in the improvement of others in terms of cooking. Also, they want to abolish the belief that a person needs first to be a professional before they can create something that they can be proud of. 


Since many people are so engrossed in wanting to cook, they built the Brooklyn Food Works and let people apply for their classes for FREE.  Lessons and cooking techniques are being taught without them asking anything in return. They make this school accessible and open for everyone of all ages as long as you are willing to learn and have the passion for creating sumptuous dishes. 


Most people who join the TBFW are non-cooks and sometimes don’t even know how to cook the most basic of foods. These are also those people who consider their cooking average and want to upgrade their skills. It doesn’t really matter in The Brooklyn Food Works whatever level your skills may be. As long as you are dedicated to wanting to be better in the field, this place is the perfect one for you. 


So many people are happy with The Brooklyn Food Work’s help. As for the team, they just feel the same way for the people who continuously trusted them. They are glad that they have become a way for people to be successful in this aspect of their lives. They consider their improvements as theirs, and their students’ success as something to be proud of. In the future, we would still try harder to give more help to people who need to be more skillful and knowledgeable about cooking!