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Jenna D. 


Hi, everyone! I just want to share with you my thoughts about The Brooklyn Food Works and how fun it was to learn from the professional cooks in this place. It’s been a tough thing for me to learn how to cook. I am actually embarrassed before that I can’t even cook a simple meal for myself and my family. My hobbies are very different, unlike most people who come here who love to cook all the time. For me, it takes real talent to be able to cook and I haven’t had the time to actually practice doing it even from the past since I was always busy with other things. However, my mother told me to come to this place so that I could learn about cooking. Thankfully, even if I was busy with studies and works, I was able to get lessons from here without any problems, thanks to them for giving me the freedom to choose my own schedule. Up until now, I am still learning and improving my skills in cooking and even though the improvements didn’t change my skills dramatically, I still am proud to say that I learned so many recipes I can do on my own. I really became better and I know in time, I will still improve a lot! 


Kiana S. 


I was in the same situation as you! I wasn’t really able to cook because of other things but I guess that was my just my excuse to forego learning how to. If you want to learn something, you can do it even if you don’t have the basic skills for it. After months of coming to this place, I could already say that I was able to improve and it was all thanks to The Brooklyn Food Works. 


Jenna D. 


I am so happy to know that many people were just like me and was able to improve in such a short while. At least I know that I wasn’t alone and that like you, I can also learn as well, Kiana. Now, I already love cooking more than ever.